Students Affairs

Student Life


NCT is aware that students' academic success at the College will often depend on comfort in their surroundings and their ability to overcome any anxiety caused by homesickness, and consequently great emphasis is placed on ensuring that students are happy.

NCT provides comfortable reasonably priced hostel accommodation. However, it is not compulsory to use this service; many students have friends and relatives in Dar es Salaam that they can stay with. But for those who need accommodation we offer excellent hostel facilities at very reasonable rates.

Library and Resource Centre
NCT has a library that provides information resources for all our students. As a student at NCT, you will be able to use our wide range of books, journals and e-books. The friendly library staff will be available to help with any general requests for information or assistance. The Librarians also provide an induction for newly enrolled students, covering essential library information that will enable students to make the most of the resources on offer.

Health and Wellbeing

An experienced Senior Clinical Officer is available for advice on all health matters. If you have a medical condition or complaint, the Officer will be able to help by either treating the condition or referring you to the Government Hospital. This service, like all the others provided to students, is both free and confidential. The service operates on a drop-in basis.

Help and advice are always available; you might not always be able to share personal problems with friends or relatives, we provide practical support and guidance, on a strictly confidential basis, through our College Counseling Service.

The counseling service offers a student an opportunity to talk in confidence with someone who is impartial and separate from College, social and family life. The Counselor is not able to offer a magic solution, but will listen carefully and help the student to arrive at a better understanding of the situation. The process of exploring thoughts, feelings and behavior will often bring some relief and may enable the student to make changes for themselves. Confidentiality is a means of providing you with safety and privacy.
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