The operations of NCT are governed by the Ministerial Advisory Board (MAB) which is established under provisions of section 6 (1) of the Executive Agencies Act No. 30 of 1997. MAB meets every quarter to review NCT’s progress and discuss future performance.

Composition of the Board:
The NCT Ministerial Advisory Board is led by the Chairman who is appointed by the Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism. Other members are from among NCT’s stakeholders who have knowledge and experience helpful to support NCT’s mission. 

The current composition of Board Members is as follows:
Ms. Benadetta Ndunguru - Chairperson 
Mr. Adam Fuller - Member 
Mr. Paskas D. Mwiru - Member
Mr. Joseph Kulangwa - Member
Mr. Damas Mfugale - Member
Mr. Hendry Mpande - Member
Ms. Suzanne Ndomba Doran - Member
Ms. Rosada Msoma - Secretary

The functions of the Ministerial Advisory Board is to give advice to the Ministry and the Permanent Secretary on the following:
a) the development and maintenance of strategic framework;
b) the objectives of the Agency;
c) the acceptability of the Chief Executive’s plans and associated budgets;
d) the settings of priorities and annual performance targets for the agency;
e) the Agency’s annual reports and accounts;
f) the evaluation of the Agency’s performance; and 
g) any other matters provided for in the Act.

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