Organisational Structure


The Executive Agency Act No. 30, 1997 gives a framework on administration and management of all Executive Agencies. Therefore, according to NCT Framework Document, the college maintain its structure as a single entity while at the same time being flexible to serve more customers. This preposition is also supported by the aim of NCT in becoming a Centre of Excellence in offering technical training in hospitality and tourism.

In order to perform its assigned roles, the National College of Tourism has two Directorates supported by Departments and Units. 
I. Directorate of Studies and Professional Activities has three Sections; 
- Hospitality 
- Tourism 
- Research and Consultancy
- Business Unit

II. Directorate of Finance, Planning & Administration has four Sections;
- Finance and Planning 
- Administration and Human Resources Management 
- Management Information Systems 
- Marketing and Communication

III. Campuses: Temeke, Arusha and Dar es Salaam Campus 

IV. Internal Audit Unit

V. Procurement Management Unit

VI. Legal Services Unit

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