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National College of Tourism (NCT) is the only Government College in Tanzania mainland under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism which offers hospitality and tourism training. NCT is fully accredited with National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) at National Technical Award (NTA) level 6 (Ordinary Diploma). College is running three Campuses  which are Arusha, Bustani (based on Hospitality Operation) and Temeke Campus (based on Tourism).



Thank you for your interest in joining the National College of Tourism (NCT), a government owned institution that operates under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism.  With over 30 years in existence, we continue to be committed to offering high quality education and training to persons wishing to take up lucrative and career enhancing positions in the Hospitality and Tourism industry.  Currently we operate from three campuses located in Temeke, Arusha, and our brand new Bustani facility, which was opened in December 2011 in the heart of Dar Salaam.  Read more..


Currently, the College offers the following programs:

1. NTA Level 5 : Technician Certificate 2. NTA Level 6 : Ordinary Diploma 3. Short Courses
1: Technician certificate in hospitality operations 1: Ordinary Diploma in Travel and Tourism Short courses can be customized to suit individual establishment.
2:Technician Certificate in Tour Guiding Operations 2: Ordinary Diploma in Hospitality Management
3:Technician Certificate in Travel and Tourism

National College of Tourism is supported by the following partners:

France Agency of Development The Japan International Cooperation Agency International Labour Organization The Hanns Seidel Foundation

Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs Canadian International Development Agency


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